About Us


Byard Mercer Pharmacy has been proudly serving Clarksburg and its surrounding areas for over 100 years. The pharmacy is the result of a merger between Mercer Drug Store and Byard Pharmacy that was completed in 1997.

Mercer Drug Store was started in 1890 by W. "Doc" Stone and L.T. Mercer. In 1948, Paul Rogers purchased Mercer Drug Store who later sold it to his son, Jim Rogers, in 1974. Byard Pharmacy was opened by Edward Byard in 1935. Mr. Byard later sold his pharmacy to Allan Maphis in 1960. Jim Rogers purchased Byard Pharmacy in 1996 and operated both stores independently. In 1997, the two stores merged into what is now Byard Mercer Pharmacy. Byard Mercer Pharmacy is currently independently owned and operated by Jim Rogers and the Rogers Family.